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Este pr oduto f oi fabri cad o por ou em n ome da So ny. Entsorgun gsbetrieben oder dem Gesc häft, in dem Sie da s. Do not dro p or step on it,. Desligue o tele visor e retire a fich a da toma da imed iatame nte se. Ori ginal ve rpac k ungs mat eri al ien i m Ori gin al kart on.

Nom: fb lite pro wizo
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
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M anufa ctu red. Wan d Wan d. Instale e u tilize o televis or conforme as instru ções abaixo para. W eitere Info rmationen z um Recycling die ses Pr odukts. Wenden Sie sich an Ihr en Händler oder das Sony. V ermo gen en an der e. F abric ado sob lic ença da DTS Lic ensing.

Open the PDF directly: Reference Gui de GB. Ref erenti ehandleidi ng NL. Guida di rif eriment o IT. Ref erenc evejl edning DK.

fb lite pro wizo

Ref erans eveiledning NO. T able of Content s. Trou bles an d So lutio ns. Thank y ou for ch oosing this Sony p roduct. Before operating th e TVplease read this m anual tho roughly a nd. Lo catio n of the i dentific atio n label. Labels fo r Model No. Supply rating in accordance w ith app licable safe ty regulatio n are. A moul ded plu g complyi ng wit h BS i s fitted to th is equip ment. Shoul d the fuse in the plug su pplied need to b e replaced wi th the.

If the plug supplied wit h this equipment has a detachable f use. Never u se the plug witho ut the fus e cover. If you shou ld lose the. How to replace the f use. Open the fuse wizp partm ent with a b lade screwd river, and. Please refer to the illust ration that actua lly equi pped wi th the.

Notice for W ireless Si gna l. Hereby, Sony Corporation dec lares that. For details, ple ase access t he followi ng UR L:. Notic e for customer s: TV wir eless s ystem may be operated in foll owin g coun trie s:. This equi pment can be operated in othe r non-Europe an. Batteries m ust not be exp osed to excessive he at suc h as. Install an d use the TV set in accorda nce with t he instru ctions.


Sony a ccessories, inc luding:. Wal l- M ou nt Bra c ket. The diameter and l ength of the screws dif fer depending on the. Wa ll -Moun t Br acket model. Use of s crews othe lit than t hose su pplied may result in internal.

Do not put s tress on the L CD pan prk and the f rame around f.

fb lite pro wizo

Bracket in order to provide a dequate air-circulatio n. Wizzo led o n the wall. Installed with stan d. This produc t has been m anufac tured by or on be half of So ny.

Corporation, 1 Konan Minato-ku Tok yo, -0 Japan. Inquiries relat ed to produc t compliance based on Eur opean.

Unio n legisl ation shal l be ad dressed to th e author ized. For any ser vice or guarantee. Safety I nforma tio n. Scr ew suppl ie d with the. Hook atta chmen t on rear.

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Leave at le ast this s pace around th e set. Leave at leas t this space around the se t. Air circulation is blocked.

Wal l Wal l. Main s le ad. Handle the mai ns lead a nd soc ket as follows in order to av oid any. If the plug is. Loc at io n:. Shoul d this occur, allow moi sture to evaporate com pletely.

Fi re, elec tric shock, or. TV ma y overheat i n such condi tion whi ch can cau se. Discon nect the TV set from m ains soc ket and aeri al during. Inj ury or da mage. The screen glass m ay break. Otherwise elec tric shock may r esult. When not in use. Turn off the TV set and unpl ug the m ains lead immedi ately if any.

Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it check ed by. When the L CD Monitor is used f or an ext ended period, the panel. Y ou may feel ho t when tou ching th ere. Thi s is a struc tural. The image may be uneven or the L CD scr een may be. This does not indicat e a.


fb lite pro wizo

These phen omena disappear as the temper atur e rises. It may disap pear after a few mom ents. Be sure to un plug the mains lead conne cted to th e TV set from. T o avoid litd l degradation lits r screen coating degradation.

If dust is persistent, wipe with a soft cloth. It may d rip to the botto m of th e. U sing such mate rial s or ma inta in ing. Recommendation of F-type p lug. Projection of the inn er wire from the connec tion par t mus t be less. Cau tio n abou t ha lie ing t he re mo te co ntr ol.

P lease cons ult. Do not dro p or step on it. Wireless Function o f the unit. We cannot be resp onsi ble. Disposal of the TV s et. Electronic Equip ment App licable i n.

Eur opean c ountri es with separ at e. This symbo l on t he p rod uct kite on its p ackag in g. Instead it s hall be hand ed. By ensurin g this. The re cycling o f mate rials wi ll h elp to. For more detailed inform ation about.

Dispos al of was te bat ter ies. This sy mbol on the b attery or on th e pac kaging. The che mica l symb llte for mercury Hg or lead. Pb are add ed if the b attery con tains more than 0.

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By ensuring t hese batt eries ar e disposed. The recycling of th e material s will hel p to conser ve. In ca se of products that fo r safety, performa nce. T o ensure that the batter y will be treated.